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  • Welcome to the Scott Joplin International Centennial Celebration!

    A full weekend of events to celebrate our best known composer's centennial

    SJICC Preview Night 31 March, 6:30PM, Silvermoon on Broad


    A sparkling evening of food, beverage, and not one, but TWO sources of continuous entertainment.  Move from one to the other as you wish.  On the Silvermoon stage, the Netherlands group Texarkana Trio entertains with vintage rock from the early 1950's.  In the great hall, you never know who's up next with the great jazz stylings of Candace Taylor and Carol Collins-Miles accompanied by  "Three of a Kind." John Tennison, the world's foremost authority on the origins and development of Boogie-Woogie, can be expected to provide world class performance of that music ranging from its earliest 1870s vintage to his own 21rst century invention of "Quantonal" Boogie-Woogie.  Then, don't be surprised if Jermaine Layton performs Scott Joplin at his finest...and maybe more.  Everyone taking turns "as the spirit moves" to ensure a magical and entertaining atmosphere.  Enjoy hors d'oeuvre from Texarkana/'s finest chefs along with the beverage of your choice.  Move between the theater, the great hall, and lobby as you meet our stars and performers...and your own friends.  All this for 35.00! 

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    Scott Joplin International Centennial Celebration 1 April, 7:30PM Perot Theatre


    The Scott Joplin International Centennial Celebration main program will begin with the winning ensemble of the first Four States Student Jazz Showcase.  Then, our own Carol Collins-Miles takes the stage to perform the public premiere of her composition “The Texarkana Jazz Rag.” 

    Next, MacArthur Genius Award winning Scott Joplin artist Reginald Robinson is center stage with his incredible Ragtime.  The first segment concludes with Texarkana’s own internationally known jazz artist and educator Roseanna Vitro along with a small group from the Texarkana Jazz Orchestra. 

    Post-Intermission begins with the presentation of the first Regional Music Heritage Center Lifetime Achievement Award to Mr. Rule Beasley, who will be present to receive the “Boogie.”  The Texarkana Jazz Orchestra under Mr.  Dick Eckstein the takes the stage to fill the house with the sounds of the best of classic big band jazz, with Roseanna Vitro joining them with standards performed to perfection.

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    Texarkana ROCKS! 1954-1955 2 April, 2:00PM, Perot Theatre

    Both segments of this program will be backed by the Texarkana Trio from the Netherlands. They are a highly regarded group who remain true to the first years of rock, as evidenced by their name which shows that Europe better knows our city’s contribution to rock than we do. Europeans are far more cognizant than Americans as to the contributions of those like our own Carl “Cheesie” Nelson and Pat Cupp, who pioneered the genre. The first segment of the program is a tribute to the late and loved Dr. Carl “Cheesie” Nelson, beloved long time President of Texarkana College.  Dr. Nelson is the first known Elvis tribute artist, as he recognized the unique qualities of Elvis the first time he saw him.  Carl was a rock pioneer himself and mastered the “new” music.  He had adopted Elvis style by late 1954 and was more popular in Texarkana than Elvis himself.  Carl brought the house down with Elvis own band in April, 1955 when Elvis was late for the show.  Tonight, the Texarkana Trio from the Netherlands will back the great George Thomas in tribute to both the young Elvis as well as Carl’s performances and life. 

    After the intermission, the focus is on our own Mr. Pat Cupp.  Pat, family, and many friends will join us as we pay tribute to his pioneering work in early rock.  Don’t be surprised if Pat takes to the stage!  Pat still has untold thousands of admirers in Europe where his “Long Gone Daddy” was a number one hit in many countries.  Pat is a living reminder of our rich regional heritage and we are thrilled to honor him, and the music that made Texarkana famous. 

    Following the show, we adjourn to the Arkansas Municipal Auditorium to dedicate two plaques, one to Pat, and the other to the great Jay Franks, jazz master and leader of the “Rockets of Rhythm.”  Jay’s daughter Lauretta and friends will join us as we remember him for his music as well as the lines crossed as he played in the Auditorium at Jazz 1956.  Group tours of the AMA will follow. 

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